Vacuum gas exchange system for FOUP

  • In comparison with N2 purge, reduction of the oxygen density in FOUP is available in a short time
  • There is the degas effect of FOUP inside surface and the wafer surface by the vacuum evacuation
  • Can keep FOUP for a long time without being influenced by airtightness of FOUP

EcoVac System
Most simple application for vacuum pumping system

  • Shorten evacuation time of vacuum equipment
    No additional pump, no sequence change

    1. Conect a reservoir to th vacuum chamber
    2. Evacuating the reservoir during pump idling
    3. Evacuate the chamber from ATM, communicated with the reservoir for a few seconds

EcoVac System
Multiple reservoirs are more effective

  • Ultimate pressure improves
    1. Conect multiple reservoirs to th vacuum chamber
    2. Evacuating reservoirs during pump idling
    3. Evacuate the chamber from ATM, communicated with reservoirs one by one sequentially

 High-Vacuum server
Reduce the number of pumps of the semiconductor equipment load-lock chamber

  • Roughing pumps attached to your load-lock chambers are not needed any more.
  • The pressure of load lock chambers will be high vacuum.
  • The pressure of transfer chamber and the process chamber improves, too.
  • Greatly contributes to overall cost saving of the system.
  • Greatly contributes to energy and power saving (-CO2)

 Smooth Vent Attachment
  • From slow vent to venting, orifice changes depending on a difference in pressure smoothly
  • The dimension is compatible with NW25 center ring
  • It can be used for slow evacuation

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